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Court Evidence at Ganj Basoda

A warrant from Ganj Basoda for appearing in court on 7th August was shown to me on 5th August. It was an arrest warrant with the message stated on it as ‘Saakshi ko hathkadi na lagai jaaye’ meaning the ‘witness be not handcuffed’. I had not received summon earlier for the case and I was served warrant straight away. The warrant related to an autopsy case done by me in 2006!! The court was trying to locate me first at Gandhi Medical College because the seal below my signature mentioned it as my work place.

Boston and Iowa Visit

Iowa a small town in USA is regarded as literary capital of the world and rightfully so. It has people reading and writing or involved in intellectual discourse all the time and everywhere. To be in that geographical location was a feast to the mind and soul. It was a vacation I had never expected. Impulse to sketch, something I had not done for decades overpowered me and I felt a 'high' of a sort which was my own. It was the moment of rediscovering and falling in love with oneself. Indulgence to read whatever one desired for as long as one preferred was a reality. 

An Open Letter to the Stressed Medico - in Context of the Recent Suicide of an MBBS Student

Depressed medical students

MBBS as a professional course is a highly demanding one - the pupils needs to go through some hard times. It is okay to have stress. Here is how to cope with it. Excerpts of my conversations with a stressed medical student.