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Madness of Thought

Living and surviving with a dream at AIIMS Bhopal. Struggle within and struggle outside are undeniably the forces to reckon and face when humble beginnings happen for major projects. Did it ever happen otherwise? Looking at the present from a day years ahead in future improves the perspective and reconciles the unrest. 


Goa for Three

Beach at Goa - green and inviting

This is a blend of travelogue and fiction. The fiction has basis but no limitation of confining to reality. It is Goa a couple of days ago beautiful serene and exciting, depending on how you look at it, but definitely refreshing and compulsive in making people come alive.


If Only There Was Time On Time - A walk from the hostel to the OPD

Time and the medical student

His mind was still lingering in the morning that elapsed today. He remembered locking his room fifteen minutes before the time required to be in the clinic. Yes, on any other day fifteen minutes were enough to walk through the broken road in front of the college building under the glaring shine of the sun to the OPD.