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Healthcare 101: Prenatal Foods You Can’t Do Without

Photo of a pregnant woman

Following a nutritious and varied diet during pregnancy is the best way to care for yourself and your baby. Moreover, it is crucial to see your healthcare specialist regularly until your prenatal weeks to reduce the risk of complications and ensure a safe delivery.

The following food groups provide you with the vitamins, minerals and protein required for a healthy pregnancy. 


The Pain Will End

Photo of a railway track

He wrapped his hands around her, so tight yet so careful. With her chest onto his, he could feel the synchrony of their heartbeats. He knew as he walked on the tracks of the railway that this was the last time he could feel her breath against his chest. With that thought he held her even closer. He knew he loved her from the very first time he saw her. His love for her knew no measure. He wished she knew it too. He would bring the world down to her if that meant her happiness. He would. He definitely would.


Heart Without a Beat

Photo of a women alone in a tunnel

She was cold. She was alone. She was bare. She was there, lying there in the dark, invisible to everyone who walked past her. Every footstep that grew loud sprouted a pinch of hope in her half paralyzed body. Nobody stopped. Nobody turned. She waited and waited and waited in hope for her angel to come to her rescue. She was starting to feel numb inside out. She saw blood on the road where she lay. She hadn’t realized that she was bleeding. Her body had stopped responding to pain. She had been lying there for hours together that time wasn’t a measure anymore.


How To Potty Train Your Dog Effectively

Picture of a White Dog

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world. -- Cesar Millan

Dogs are like humans, they need to learn and unlearn things. They need to be trained for things that are unfamiliar to them. As a dog owner, we must understand how our dogs work outside and inside our home. Thus,  we must discipline them in a proper yet effective way that we can.


My Second Year MBBS Experience

During Second Year MBBS Orthopedics Clinical posting

Our final exams ended on 20th of December 2015. I went to attend cousin's marriage after that. But surprisingly, the result came after three days. That too at 1.30 am. I was waiting for the result from 10.00 pm onwards. My whole family woke up from deep sleep because of my laughter in the sense of victory. This time also I got 70% marks. I couldn't sleep properly that night because I didn't expect that much even though I was forced to go to my bed. So what I want to say is that, second professionals is comparatively easy.


Top 5 Qualities Real Men Look For In A Woman Other Than Appearance

What do men look for in a woman? A good look is probably the first one but other than the appearance, some guys do like girls with certain qualities to reel him in. Just to make it clear, real men are totally different from boys. Real men are mature enough to face the challenges of life. They know exactly what they want and are serious about pursuing them. While compare to the boys, they are not yet ready for any commitments and still enjoying the “easy go lucky” life.