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How To Miss Out On A Life Worth Living

A life worth living.

That’s the kind of life we all want. That’s the kind of life we all wish for. That’s the kind of life we all want to create for ourselves.

What does a life worth living look like?

Your version of the life you’d like to live would be different than mine. But it’s almost always some sort of combination of good money, meaningful work, healthy relationships, a fit body and time to have fun or do other things that are important to us.

And we’re all working towards that, aren’t we?

Or, are we?


Love Story 2016

"Mummy, when will Papa come back?"
"He must be on his way! It's too late, you eat and go to bed."
Saying this she offered me my silver plate, only to hear,
"No I'll eat only with Papa!"

At 11pm he came back and as a routine gave a gentle tap on my head, and we had dinner together. Mummy ate after us and went to wash utensils. Though no one ever told me what my papa does, but surely he was a very popular and respected man of our village. Our family also had the priviledge to buy anything without giving money in return, unlike common people!


Vengeance Prologue

12 Years Ago, my father worked for the UNG. The United Nations Gaurdian. This was the organization started and funded by 192 nations. They had all the newest technology and military weapons there was. They were invincible.If there was a hostile country threatening to start a war, the UNG was the organization that ended it in an instant. Thus,the world was save from any threat that stood before it.


The Fake Taste

Last day my friend gifted me a new fruit.

And then, he asked me to taste.

I knew that he won't give me a poisonous fruit and started eating it without even asking its name.

I took a small bite.

It tasted really sweet.

I started liking it.

When I went deeper I bit on a seed.

It was terribly bitter.

I threw the fruit away.

I told my friend " that is such a  fake fruit!!!"


How I Misinterpreted the Golden Rule!

The golden rule - do unto others as you would have do unto you

Bible sometimes gives confusing thoughts to a lot of people. We think, we interpret and we make conclusions about many verses in the Bible. 

I remember a speech in which few verses from the Bible were quoted to prove a point: 

"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."(Hebrews 4 :12)

Must Know Topics in Anatomy- Part 1 (Upper Limb)

All the bones of upper limb are important as far as MBBS first year exams are concerned

Anatomy is a subject which has the potential to be a headache to most of the medical students. I even felt that anatomy faculties take it as a credit when students say that Anatomy is a difficult subject. It is such a subject where your memory will be pushed to its limits. Even those muscles which don’t serve a considerable function in the body can put your exam results at stake.