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Ilaiyaraja – SP Balasubrahmanyam Controversy: My Thoughts

Recently, there has been a lot of media news regarding Ilaiyaraja sending a legal notice to SP Balasubrahmanyam on him singing the former’s songs without his permission. This has invoked a lot of response from national media, and has led to some people taking sides with Ilaiyaraja or SPB.

As a follower of this issue, I believe that a lot of the controversy here is due to misinformation of people. So I would like to explain it to people.


Coz Women, You are Wonderful

Coz Women, You are Wonderful

You are the dreams of the heart

You are someone's hidden art

You are giggles of a child

You are peace for the wild

You are courage of the coward

You take the left behind to forward

You are sunrise to the night

You can make others future bright

You are hope of the despair

You are the one who sacrifice her share

You are the rain for the draught

For the drowning you are the boat

You are the healer of the wound

You are the music for any sound

You are the smile for the grief



I was sleeping I know but I am awaken now
So I refuse to close my eyes again
You told me to take some futile vows
But I refuse to be the part of some gender game
You said I shouldn’t learn to be independent
But I refuse to lean on you for my trouble
You said there is not any way for my dreams
I say I refuse to be in the chain for my struggle

My passion my ambitions were ignored by you
So I refuse to care for your vintage customs
You barred me for the things I deserved
So I am here to gain my dignity and will blossom