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The World is Not as Bad as it Seems

Lost in Thoughts

I used to wonder: why does the world behave so cruel, especially when you start to think something nice about it? How many times did you find yourself in a situation where you are astonished by the unexpected behavior of somebody? The surprise that you would feel would not only be from your misjudging of the subject’s behavior, but also from your understanding of your innocence that tricked you, that you thought would have been lost when the smoothness between your mouth and nose lost.


Raksha Bandhan-The Festival of Rakhi

Picture of a Rakhi

Raksha bandhan in Hindi means ‘The Bond of Protection’. It is a festival celebrated by the Hindus and Sikhs all over India. Rakhi is the sacred thread that sisters tie on the wrists of their brothers. The tying of the sacred thread gives the brother a lifelong responsibility to protect his sister. This also represents the sister’s love and prayers for the well being of her brother. This is a very important festival from a Hindu’s point of view as this lays the basis for a happy and sustainable bond in the family.

How to Make Learning Physics an Interesting Experience

How to Make Learning Physics an Interesting Experience

Most high school students complaint about their difficulty in mastering physics. They consider physics as the most difficult subject next to mathematics. What makes physics difficult for some and easy for others is the same thing- approach. Given below are some methods that can be implemented in your study habits to make learning physics as interesting experience.

1.Master the Basics:


Nokia: the Debacle and Ending up in the Hands of Microsoft

Picture of mobile phone

Nokia; the word itself was synonymous to mobile phone once. When the word ‘Nokia’ was mentioned in an article it was customary to add the embellishment – the Finnish Cell phone Giant. Those were the days of Nokia. They were atop the peak. So, there was no going up; they could only go down. And they did exactly that. They slid down and fell comfortably into the strong hands of another giant, the Microsoft. Will the woes of Nokia end? Or will it simply cease to be an entity at all?