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Cliff's Edge KennedyDrolet Sat, 11/10/2018 - 11:48
Cliff's Edge

The moon was glistening tonight, the first time in awhile. I look out onto the water as I sit on the cliff’s edge, the crickets seem to be humming a new tune tonight, faster, more exciting than usual. Behind me, I could hear the rustling of bushes. He’s here, I thought to myself as I turn to see him pushing away a stray branch.

“Fancy seeing you here,” he laughs, his icy hair reflecting the moon’s magnificent glow as he steps towards me. “I thought you wouldn’t show,”

“Why wouldn’t I?” I ask. The question hangs in the air, he sits down next to me.


Do You?

Do you? Poem

Do you see us when we cry? When we try to hide our faces in the sand? have you ever thought it through, That these people might be hurt too; Do we seem like we do not have pain receptors in us? Nay, we are born out of bone and blood; We also feel the same pain you do; Only that the would sees us as weak and your strong when we show it
Do we seem like goats; We do not need to be told; “You are a man, be one”; Will you tell these words to my boy when I am gone?; Of course, I am a boy!; Is that a curse?; Can I not feel hurt as well?; Or will you only notice my tears when I drown in the well

Cinque Terre, Italy arneet Sat, 09/22/2018 - 23:25
Cinque Terre Travelogue

People write it as Cinque Terre and call it as 'Chin-Kway Tey-re' and it looks out of the world, though it is on the edge of the world. It is under UNESCO and includes five villages chiseled on the mountains artistically and very beautifully colored. The pictures looked so beautiful in the brochure that it felt unreal. It looked like somebody's imagination, a download from a fiction book. Going from Florence, where we were stationed, the trip would take us little more than 12 hours. It was the last day of our 6 days at Florence.


Bundle of Joy

Child standing inside a forest

The sun swept in casting shadows of the window pane as the train paced forth, leaving the lush green outside to a blur. The train promising an on-time journey, if not early. My heart fluttered with anticipation and warmth just like the warm sunny day outside. There wasn’t much rush too in the train. If you look around you could see a few passengers scattered here and there, like small flowers on a lawn. All the more better! I missed this peace and serenity. City life is alluring and cozy but empty and pointless and above all costly and congested.


Lose Fat with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The weather is warming up fast, meaning it’s that time of the year most of us dread: swimsuit season! This summer, I wanted to be as proactive as possible with my health. Translation? I aspired to look decent, at least, in a swimsuit. At the beach or by the pool wearing a bathing suit is inevitable and, if you’re like me, you’ve never felt 100 percent comfortable in one.


How to Prevent Social Media Insecurity

When a friend of yours posts on social media, you have to realize that what they’ve posted is only one special moment from their lives. You can’t see everything else behind the scenes. What their lives are truly like behind those fun, amazing social media posts, we'll simply never know.

We all face it. Some of us are more open about it, and some of us keep it to ourselves. Nevertheless, at some point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with social media insecurity. It’s a challenge to not compare ourselves to role models or even friends who post amazing things on their Facebook or Instagram timeline. They’re off doing something spectacular, and you? You’re just scrolling through your feed beginning to evaluate your own life and wondering if you’ll ever have a life like theirs. Some of us shrug off this insecurity quickly, but others can’t do so easily.

Photo Editing Apps That Make Your Pictures Look Amazing

Photo Editing Apps That Make Your Pictures Look Amazing

We all know Instagram pictures don’t look the way they do without some behind-the-scenes work. I mean come on, when was the last time you took a picture and didn’t at least use some sort of edit? However, there are two types of people out there making mistakes - those who overdo the edits and those who don’t do enough. I am not the best or the greatest at editing photos who can turn an average image into a work of art, but I like to think I have figured out a happy medium.

10 Upcoming Events Every Woman Needs to Look Into!

 The Ultimate Women’s Expo (Los Angeles May 19th-20th), The United State of Women (May 5th- 6th) and the Women Speak: The Empowerment Movement (May 16th)

Women are changing the game! We are finding our voices and becoming more and more unafraid of using them. Women’s marches and hashtag movements are just some of the ways to get involved, make a difference, and ultimately change the world. There is strength in numbers as we have seen, and these upcoming events are leading the way.