How to Make a Subtitle File - Six Easy Steps

Almost all of you must have seen subtitles along with the movies. It is very useful especially if you don’t have the ability to pick the words quickly. Watching movies with subtitles is a good way to improve vocabulary. It is very easy to make a subtitle file with an extension of .srt. Just follow the steps given below and make a subtitle file of your own.

First step

Open notepad from start menu or right click and select new followed by text document.

Second step

Type “1” and write the time span at which you want a particular sentence to appear in the next line. The time span should in this format i.e.

HOURS: MINUTES: SECONDS, a two or three letter number --> HOURS: MINUTES: SECONDS, a two or three letter number

For example 00:01:17,653 --> 00:01:19,112

NB: Don’t put a full stop after 1 and don’t use quotes before or after putting the number.

Third step

In the next line type the sentence that you want to appear on the screen along with the video.

Fourth step

Type 2 and follow the steps 2 & 3.

If you follow these steps properly you document will be in this fashion;


00:01:17,653 --> 00:01:17,667

I want my umbrella back.



00:01:21,978 --> 00:01:23,108

Check the car.


Fifth step

After completing the whole document go to File and click on Save as

In the file name tab type the name that you like and add .srt to that name.

For example if you want your file name to be John, then make it

Sixth step

Change the Save As Type tab which appears just below file name tab to All File Types.

Seventh step

Click on save.

Click yes on the dialog which appears shortly after you click on Save.


Your Subtitle file is ready.


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I didn't try this one, but sounds to be cool.. I never thought this was easy although time taking
I never cared to make my .srt file. I always download them from net :-)

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