Anatomy, A surprise for a new medical student

Superficial view of Anatomy of Normal human body

ANATOMY is a subject which deals with the normal structures of the human body both at macroscopic as well as microscopic level. Although it seems very interesting at the first thought to get a chance to know what really a human body is? What it contains inside? What function does an organ serve? Where are different organs
located exactly? But despite generating all these interests and curiosities in the mind of a student it is one of those subjects or I would say it is the only subject which has always remained a mystery or Enigma in the minds of all those
students who get a chance to study MBBS.

The Word ‘Anatomy’ means ‘To cut open’ in Greek …and the meaning itself shows that it is a subject which cuts open the patience, learning ability and for most of the students their mugging up habits. Most of the students in the beginning try to understand what is anatomy all about but as I said it is interesting but not very easy, so they find difficulty in understanding and correlating concepts of anatomy and most of them give up and turn towards trying to mug up and focus on passing anatomy as a subject. It is the point where problem begins because it’s very difficult to learn what you don’t understand and it is the main reason why for most of the
students this subject’s still persists to remain a mystery.

Now after knowing this, many questions arise… what should a new medical student do to overcome these problems? Is there any shortcut or short trick available for making its learning easy?

"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work"

As apparent by the quote, there is no shortcut to success. So, if somebody wants to learn Anatomy then don’t lose courage and hope. In the beginning it might seem difficult but if you will get stuck to it with an urge or desire to learn then surely you will be able to sort out all your curiosities about human body. It is always said that books are your best friends but in Anatomy your imagination needs to be another best friend along with the textbooks.

Imagination is in your control but not the content of the textbooks. So, always go for books which are more reliable and true rather than going for the easy ones.

"A book without true information is like love without a kiss, its empty”

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I m not perfect,I m original...


Well, to be frank, Anatomy did surprise me in lots. Every Anatomy examination was a surprise package for me, and the results never failed to surprise me, even the final exam results! You said it right man! <br />
Agree wid u Rana....But hope it will b a 'Pleasant' surprise for others..

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