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Malayalam and Hindi languages share common words – some thankfully meaning the same thing to both a Keralite and a Hindi-speaker, some others, very annoyingly, mean different things. Here’s how the above fact found me in a very embarrassed and helpless position the last day.

New Inventions 2014 – Predictions In Technology Trends

Modern Chipset

The technology trends have been kicking rapidly over the past few years. We have been amazed with 2013 creative inventions such as evolving of mobile devices, high tech toys, electric powered vehicles, new gadgets, great Architectural structures and a lot more that indeed brought amazing benefits and changes in our daily lives. US inventions will certainly continue to emerge all throughout this entire period not only to provide profit but also to inspire people and improve human civilization.

Best Search Engine Optimization Practices

Best Search Engine Optimization Practices

Search engine traffic is the most important factor that webmasters look to when creating a website. Following the best search engine optimization practices ensures that your content is ranked well on search engines. Here is a list of some of the best and proven search engine optimization practices that if implemented would skyrocket your position in search engines.