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10 Must Have Drupal Modules

Drupal Logo

Drupal is one among the three most popular content management systems, others being Wordpress and Joomla. One of the major advantages of Drupal is the ability to extend the functionality of your website with custom lines of code, also called modules. Here you will find a list of 10 Drupal modules that are a must have for any website.

New Inventions 2014 – Predictions In Technology Trends

Modern Chipset

The technology trends have been kicking rapidly over the past few years. We have been amazed with 2013 creative inventions such as evolving of mobile devices, high tech toys, electric powered vehicles, new gadgets, great Architectural structures and a lot more that indeed brought amazing benefits and changes in our daily lives. US inventions will certainly continue to emerge all throughout this entire period not only to provide profit but also to inspire people and improve human civilization.

5 Keys For a Valid Will

Writing a Will

Having a will is widely considered one of the kindest things a person can do for the family and friends that survive them. It can make the disposition of one’s property much, much easier on the loved ones of the deceased – having a will can generally expedite and lend clarity to the process of making sure the deceased’s wishes with respect to their estate and personal items are given effect. Most people realize how important having a will in place is, but do not know how to go about creating one that will be considered valid in the eyes of the law. This article explains the core elements required in most states for a will to be given legal effect.

Why AAP Won't Work?

When a movement travels from TV room discussions to streets to election campaigns and the Delhi parliament...it definitely means business. It is surprising how Kejriwal has become a household name within a matter of months. good job..however there is a snitch in this movement...it relies on the most unreliable and dubious factor in any civilization- citizen involvement and participation.What AAP government literally stands for is, "Dear Public, Sorry to inform you but your days of getting up one holiday morning going to vote and sleeping again for another five years are over. Time to wake up and help me to get this country sorted out!" Are we as citizens ready for such kind of responsibility?